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These white papers, articles and essays have been published in our books and in business periodicals, reflecting our practical knowledge of doing business in Korea.  (We are repopulating this page's hot links, following the relaunch of this website. Should you wish info on any of these topics, please contact us at [email protected])

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Doing Business in Korea: An Expanded Guide is now also available in e-book formats!  

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(Mastering Business in Korea: A Practical Guide is out of print.)


Marketing to the Korean Consumer and Advertising/PR in the Korean Market

Interview of Tom Coyner by Korea Business Central

Interview Transcript of Tom Coyner by Korea Business Central


What It Takes for a Foreign Company to Succeed in Korea

Basic advice for small- and medium-sized companies entering the Korean market.


Buggy Whip Lesson

We need to plan for a long-term recession and to consider how viable our business models

will be in a post-recession economy.


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* Sales & Marketing in Korea

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* Joint Ventures in Korea

* Human Resources Issues

* Legal Issues - How to Handle Them

* Political Dimensions to Business

* Press Reviews about Soft Landing Korea and Our Publications

White Papers & Articles

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