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Sales Representation

We help offshore clients test the Korean market, including conducting due diligence studies and help hire initial representatives/employees.


We provide a cost-effect, preliminary reality checks on basic assumptions about the match of the client's products and services with the Korean marketplace. We can serve as a temporary office.


We are also particularly skilled in  "mystery shopping."  We have experience in premium automobiles, luxury goods, etc.

Business Briefings

We frequently give briefings and public addresses. In the private sector, we have spoken at the American, British and Swiss chambers of commerce in Korea.  We have provided key note addresses for major public events for the Korea Exchange Bank and for international conferences of universities in Korea and the U.S.


We have given briefings and presentations at the request of the U.S., British, Irish, Belgian and Danish embassies in Seoul and at their behest in Europe.

Sales Coaching

Cross Cultural Effectiveness

It is not enough to know of how Korean culture is different.  It is critical to understand how culture impacts on relationships in the workplace and after work between the expatriate and the local employees and company partners and customers.


We have worked in sales and marketing and in international human resources in Korea, Japan and the United States for the past three decades.  We have seen both successes and failures.  We can offer practical, shirtsleeve advice based on knowledge and experience.


Market Entry Advice

With successful direct and channel sales experience in Korea, the U.S. and Japan, we can offer experienced-based advice on developing a successful market entry strategy.  


Often that includes locating and qualifying potential Korean sales channels or sales representatives.  When appropriate, we can introduce qualified legal counsel on how to appropriately set up Korean operations or to prudently hire a Korean representative as a first employee.

Corporate Training

Soft Landing Consulting is recognized for our work in sales skills and management training for Korean and multinational corporations.


Or training practice was established in 1999.  We have imployed the latest, tested methods to ensure our clients receive the maximum return on their training investment.


We have created and successfully delivered in Korean, English and Japanese business email writing classes, cross cultural briefings and teambuilding workshops to multinational companies.


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We offer sales coaching from the novice sales professional to the executive sales director in English, Japanese and Korean languages.


Selling is a professional skill. By motivating oneself and others with goals and methods that are methodical, practical and customer centric, we coach selling as a process divorced from wishful thinking.


In our careers, we have successfully sold in the US, Japan and Korea.  We know what it takes to be successful in selling just about anywhere.