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You may be expanding your business in Korea. You may have visited or even lived in the Far East, including Korea.  Now you may be considering investing in this dynamic market. The question is how much risk are you willing to take in exchange for what levels of expected ROI.


Based on those kinds of considerations, we can suggest possible strategies and Korean partners.  At the same time, we can stay in close communication with you by maintaining a physical presence with your Korean partners so that you will know from a third party what is or is not happening - and most importantly, why or why not.


We can keep your finger on the pulse so that small issues are promptly and professionally dealt before they fester into becoming major obstacles, preventing your firm being successful in the Korean market.  We can do this considerably cheaper than you setting up your own office in Seoul.  And we can be your eyes and ears on your partners since we recognized that even with the best of beginnings, conditions change - be they financial, technical, market, etc. shifts.  We can alert you when corrective action needs to be taken - before it is too late.  


We understand sales forecasting - and the Korean reluctance to participate in as close of a scrutiny of sales activities as Western companies demand.  We know how to work with even reluctant Korean firms to help them understand the mutual advantage of good performance tracking.  When appropriate, we can even provide customized sales training and sales management coaching.


By fulfilling our obligations, we may reduce the necessity - and costs - of several business trips by your firm to Seoul which each can range in total expenses as much as US$5,000~$10,000 per senior manager/executive visit.  And that is on top of the obvious cost savings of not needing to hire your own full-time employee and assume related expenses such as office rent, telecommunications, etc. before you have a positive revenue stream.


Eventually, we try to successfully work ourselves out of a job.  When you are ready, we can gracefully bow out or, if you wish, help you establish a direct presence.  We work on both short and long project timelines in this regard.


If you are already established or you need to upgrade the sales skills of your channel partners, we can upgrade the selling skills of your Korean sales force.  Some of the biggest names in multinational corporations have successfully used our services to localize and implement their sales programs or employed us to tailor make unique sales training programs for Korea.


In short, we can tailor fit our services to meet your needs and strategies to be successful in selling your high tech products in the Korean market.

Tom Coyner

Tom is president of our firm.  He has lived half his life in NE Asia.  He speaks Japanese and Korean as well as English.  Prior to Soft Landing, he worked in international HR before to getting his MBA from USC in  international business.  He later had a successful career in high tech sales and marketing in NE Asia.

Yeri Choi

Yeri is a multilingual training professional with an extensive, highly successful direct sale track record, including being a record-setting sales manager in Japan. Today she works primarily with multinational clients but occassionally works with Korean corporations.

Sean Hayes

Sean is the managing partner of IPG Legal, a Seoul based legal firm that is the Korea hub of a global network of experienced attorneys.  Sean brings practical legal, commerical expertise to our clients.  He is the only foreign attorney to have worked within the Korean court system.  Sean is a member of the New York Bar.

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